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I started painting walls at 21, shortly after graduating from college with a bachelor degree in Digital Arts and Entertainment (3D- and game design in laments terms). What started out as a hobby quickly turned into a full-time job.” As a child, Matthew started painting his bedroom walls before he could speak full words. Making his parents fear he’d be a mute or mentally retarded. Even though words lacked until the age of three, it became clear that his artistic skills didn’t lag. They seemed to be much further developed than the random scribbles his fellow classmates produced. Which motivated Matthew’s parents to send him to art school on Wednesdays and Saturdays. But Matthew will rather tell you that his real artistic growth only started when he went to college. It was his first introduction into concept art – designing everything from spaceships to warrior-costumes digitally. Thanks to a strong online community Matthew was able to start building his still primitive skillset. In his personal work Matthew let his emotions roam free, funny because you wouldn’t call him emotional if you met him. His art is an escape hatch into which he dumps all his frustrations, angers and anxieties. Painting soothes him. His influences range from Basquiat to Lautrec but always revolve around colourful and figurative pieces. Signs of which can easily be seen in works like his crown-series; a collection of works inspired by fame, ego and self-contempt. 

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